Place of Peace Meal – June 19

Place of Peace Meal – June 19

Once again we will be providing the Place of Peace meal at the First Baptist Church of Stevens Point. This is just a normal thing that we do. We provide a meal and eat with people who remind us of Jesus. There is great beauty in that.

Pete will be cooking out on the grill and the rest of the church will be providing all the sides. Please bring salads, chips, deserts, etc. Be creative. There will definitely be someone there who will like what you bring. Then, if you can, stay and eat. If you can’t bring anything for any reason don’t let that stop you from coming to the meal. Come and eat.

The doors open at 4:30 p.m. but you can come earlier and there will probably be someone there. The meal starts at 5 p.m. Please come and enjoy the meal.

Please consider being a part of this meal.


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