Resurrection – Part 2

Resurrection – Part 2

In 2008 Tapestry discovered that a community in Nicaragua that we were building relationships with was living without clean water. You can read the whole story here. In August 2010 several “threads” (people involved in Tapestry) were able to see how fully GOD defeats death and despair when HIS people listen and obey.

The above left photo shows the cistern that was the drinking water of Kilumbo in 2008. Kids were getting sick and the dream of the parents of the village was simply for clean water for their children. The above right photo shows how fully GOD defeated the death and sickness of Kilumbo by bringing clean water.

When I (Robert) went to Kilumbo in August of 2010 several of the kids grabbed me, adam m., and joe w. desperate to show us something. They dragged us over to the cistern that they had previously been drinking from and showed us that since they no longer had to drink the filthy water in it they had decided to use it as a swimming pool. I was dumbstruck. To see that source of misery turned into a source of entertainment for these kids was amazing. In fact, the kids so enjoyed the pool/cistern that they started climbing into a nearby tree and diving into the 25′ deep cistern. It was amazing to watch … until they invited us to dive in too. 🙂

GOD doesn’t just use HIS people to defeat evil and death. HE so fully defeats it that it becomes something entirely new and GOD honoring. Such as filthy drinking water becoming a swimming pool.


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