JESUS described HIMself as the resurrection and the life (John 11:25). This means HE is the resurrection. It is a part of who HE is. It was not just a one time event. Defeating death with HIS life is normal for HIM  because JESUS still defeats death with life. It is just what HE does.

So the people of Tapestry thought the best way to remember the resurrection of our resurrected LORD (a.k.a. Easter) would be by doing random acts of Resurrection. We started looking for areas of death and destruction in the Point area that we could be a part of GOD resurrecting.  We did things all over town. When we saw death we did what we could to see GOD defeat it with HIS life.

The largest of these projects was working at the Salvation Hope Center – a temporary home for men, women, and families who are dealing with homelessness. As members of Tapestry we believed that GOD wanted us to be a part of painting and redoing the residents’ rooms during the Salvation Army’s remodeling effort. We painted, remodeled, and laughed – a lot. Then on Easter morning we finished our painting, made lunch, and ate with the Hope Center residents.

It was a wonderful Easter full of RESURRECTION


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