John 4:43-54 – Signs

John 4:43-54 – Signs

Jesus preformed many signs in the Gospels and they pointed to the way of faith (the Kingdom) that He has initiating and displaying. Some realized the signs pointed to Him and therefore focused on trusting Him, while other just wanted more signs.

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John 4:43-54 – Signs

00:00:01 Robert 

We are in the gospel according to John, and then next week. 

00:00:04 Robert 

Oh yes, Sir. 

00:00:06 Robert 

I I would love for you to, but can you come up here and talk on the mic? 

00:00:09 Robert 

Because otherwise those that are watching won’t hear it because yes, I think I know what you’re about to talk about and I would love that. 

00:00:16 Robert 

Alright, hold on one second. 

00:00:17 Robert 

It’s muted. 

00:00:19 Robert 

Go for it. 

00:00:23 Juan 

OK, so that this is kind of like a nerd thing. 

00:00:27 Juan 

I I really enjoy researching and learning about a lot of other things and I do the captions for the videos and so obviously I don’t speak Aboriginal Creole like Millie does, but because of that I really had to dig in and do some research. 

00:00:44 Juan 

On who Millie was, who Millie is, and the work she’s done. 

00:00:49 Juan 

She is part of a team of Creole aboriginals from Australia who were part of. 

00:00:54 Juan 

Uh, translating the Bible and it ended up being that that Creole Bible was the first or either the first or the only. 

00:01:07 Juan 

Complete Scripture that has been translated into an Aboriginal language language, so really, really incredible story. 

00:01:14 Juan 

But also I I just wanted to kind of give a little bit of back story as to Millie is she was instrumental in the the. 

00:01:26 Juan 

Entire translation bringing the word of God to to everybody on Earth so. 

00:01:31 Juan 

If you’d like to learn more, I can post a link to some more information about the translation efforts to the languages of of the Aboriginal people of Australia. 

00:01:45 Juan 

But that’s that’s what I want to say. It’s just really cool how God’s word, regardless of of what language we speak. 

00:01:53 Robert 

Finds finds a way. 

00:01:54 Robert 

Well, and Juan, if you would. 

00:01:56 Robert 

So you sent me that link yesterday. 

00:01:58 Robert 

So we talked back and forth on some things and. 

00:02:01 Robert 

And I was wondering, I was like, OK, I know I was going to caption. 

00:02:04 Robert 

The rest of it, but. 

00:02:06 Robert 

Hearing it was like I could not phonetically spell out that there are people that could. 

00:02:10 Robert 

I know my wife could. 

00:02:12 Robert 

It’s like I wonder what one will do with this. 

00:02:14 Robert 

This will be interesting. 

00:02:15 Robert 

And then he sent me a link where he found the entire thing. 

00:02:18 Robert 

Would you mind posting that link in like the the signal thread? 

00:02:21 Robert 

So that if you’re not own, we use a messaging app called signal that a lot of us. 

00:02:27 Robert 

Talk about very random stuff. 

00:02:29 Robert 

I always send out the video link that’s on there and to be honest, a lot of this stuff is just something that somebody found funny. 

00:02:36 Robert 

But Juan, I’ll post that on our message thread. 

00:02:39 Robert 

If you don’t aren’t a part of that and you’d like to be a part of. 

00:02:42 Robert 

That let me know I’ll. 

00:02:43 Robert 

Send you the link or if you have a bulletin. 

00:02:46 Robert 

It’s in the bulletin. 

00:02:48 Robert 

There’s a link there, and if you show up a little early, it always flashes behind me in the screen. 

00:02:53 Robert 

Once that nobody reads, I think actually, Lance, I think you’re the only person who’s ever read the discussion question, and there’s some important stuff in there. 

00:03:04 Robert 

So we’re going to read through the word of God, and we’re going to talk about a lot of truthfully what we have just done because we’ve done a lot of things that that would be considered signs and we’re going to. 

00:03:12 Robert 

Talk about that. 

00:03:12 Robert 

OK, so here’s what the word of the Lord says. 

00:03:15 Robert 

After the two days, if you remember last week, what happened was Jesus went from Galilee into Judea, and then traveled from Judea back through Galilee, in the gospel according to John. 

00:03:30 Robert 

Geography and theology matter. 

00:03:33 Robert 

OK, so there’s a connection there. 

00:03:35 Robert 

When John is talking about going places, there’s theological elements to this. 

00:03:39 Robert 

And if you remember, I’m going to use this as a bit of a map. 

00:03:42 Robert 

Here was Judea. 

00:03:44 Robert 

Galilee was right here. 

00:03:47 Robert 

Excuse me. 

00:03:47 Robert 

Here was Judea. 

00:03:48 Robert 

Samaria was right here and Galilee was right here. 

00:03:52 Robert 

Galilee was Jewish. 

00:03:54 Robert 

Judea was Jewish Samaria people who the Assyrians brought in other people, and they’re they’re kind of Jewish kind and not, and it was an area that was avoided by ancient near Eastern Jews. 

00:04:07 Robert 

They would walk around it literally. 

00:04:09 Robert 

They’d walk through people who they they had less in common with in order to avoid the Samaritans. 

00:04:15 Robert 

Quite often, and Jesus goes through some area and not only goes through some area, he’s so touched by the people there that he stays with them. 

00:04:21 Robert 

That’s a big, big deal. 

00:04:23 Robert 

So in the gospel according to John, what’s happened thus far is Jesus has preached the good news to Jews. 

00:04:30 Robert 

And then he preached the good news to Samaritans. 

00:04:33 Robert 

And now he’s going to go to Galilee, which is a Jewish area, but it has more Roman influences in it, and he’s going to talk the person he’s going to be talking with here is a royal official, which means he was connected to Herod. 

00:04:46 Robert 

And Herod was Jewish in name. 

00:04:49 Robert 

Roman in practice, so Jesus preached to the Jews. 

00:04:54 Robert 

He preached the Samaritans, and now he’s basically going to be preaching to the Roman powers. 

00:04:59 Robert 

So that’s where we are. 

00:05:01 Robert 

So after the two days he left Galilee, now Jesus himself. 

00:05:05 Robert 

And he left for galley. 

00:05:07 Robert 

Now Jesus himself had pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his own country. 

00:05:12 Robert 

When he arrived in Galilee, the Galileans welcomed him there or welcomed him. 

00:05:17 Robert 

They had seen all that he had done in Jerusalem at the Passover festival, for they also had been there one more. 

00:05:24 Robert 

Once more, he visited canine. 

00:05:26 Robert 

In Galilee now, if you remember, Kanan was where Jesus does his first miracle, where he changes water into wine, which has led to all sorts of jokes like I saw yesterday, a video of a guy dressed like. 

00:05:36 Robert 

Us in a restaurant and the waitress came up to him and. 

00:05:39 Robert 

Said what will. 

00:05:40 Robert 

You have and he looked at all the other people that were supposed to be his disciples, and they all started snickering. 

00:05:44 Robert 

And he said, I’ll just have water as though he had. 

00:05:47 Robert 

Cheated the restaurant that. 

00:05:48 Robert 

Way, but he goes to Cana, where he had turned the water into wine and there was a certain royal official whose son lay sick at Capernaum. 

00:05:57 Robert 

When this man heard that Jesus had arrived in Galilee from Judea, he went to him and begged him to come and heal his son, who was close to death. 

00:06:06 Robert 

Unless you people see signs and wonders, Jesus told them you will never believe the royal official said. 

00:06:13 Robert 

Sir, come down before my child dies. 

00:06:16 Robert 

Jesus, replied your son will live. 

00:06:19 Robert 

The man took Jesus at his word and departed. 

00:06:23 Robert 

While he was still on his on the way, his servants met him with the news that his son was living or his boy was living. 

00:06:30 Robert 

When he inquired as to the time when his son got better, they said to him yesterday at 1:00 in the afternoon, the fever left him. 

00:06:38 Robert 

Then the father realized that this was the exact time at which Jesus had said to him your son will live. 

00:06:45 Robert 

So he and his whole household believed this was the 2nd sign. 

00:06:50 Robert 

Jesus performed after coming from Judea to Galilee. 

00:06:54 Robert 

I want you to think about signs. 

00:06:56 Robert 

We have them all around us, even in this room. 

00:06:59 Robert 

We have signs, so there’s an exit sign above the doors that are lit to make sure that if there’s smoke you can see where that is. 

00:07:06 Robert 

There’s a restaurant sign. 

00:07:07 Robert 

There’s signs over here by the bar. 

00:07:10 Robert 

Cocktail hour, it says cocktail hour and it doesn’t list an hour. 

00:07:14 Robert 

So apparently at the Rose House every hour or no hours or cocktail hour. 

00:07:19 Robert 

One of the two. 

00:07:20 Robert 

But there’s signs all over the place. 

00:07:22 Robert 

You probably have signs where you are. 

00:07:23 Robert 

You may have signs that motivate you. 

00:07:25 Robert 

You may have signs that remind you of things. 

00:07:27 Robert 

You may have signs that mock you. 

00:07:29 Robert 

But what I love is there’s a lot of signs that truthfully are. 

00:07:32 Robert 

You know, just meant to bring our attention to other things. 

00:07:35 Robert 

If you have not walked around the sculpture part, you may not know this, but there are a lot of signs on the sculpture park and if you don’t know where Sculpture Park is, if you go over by spash. 

00:07:44 Robert 

So Stevens Point Area High School, a part of the Green Circle Trail is this sculpture park that is just trails with it. 

00:07:50 Robert 

They have these wonderful signs in there. 

00:07:52 Robert 

They’re like, hey, think about this. 

00:07:55 Robert 

But then there are also signs, well, that are not meant to be funny, but they are funny, at least to me, that’s quite. 

00:08:02 Robert 

I mean, that’s a pretty impressive bull who looks rather Placid when you think about it for having almost jumped over a car. 

00:08:08 Robert 

This bull does not look like he’s doing much of anything at all. 

00:08:12 Robert 

Then there are other signs. 

00:08:13 Robert 

Well, they’re not meant to be funny, but they just end up being funny. 

00:08:18 Robert 

I’ll give you a second for that one. 

00:08:20 Robert 

And then there are. 

00:08:21 Robert 

There are signs and this one may be a little inside baseball for you guys, but there are signs that somebody else saw and said I can do something with that, such as this is a sign that Pam and I saw it’s. 

00:08:32 Robert 

Savanna, if you have ever watched Tiger King, then you know what that’s about. 

00:08:36 Robert 

And if you have not watched Tiger King one, your life is probably better for it because it is the Jerry Springer equivalent of of a documentary. 

00:08:46 Robert 

And two, if you haven’t watched it, you have no earthly idea what’s going on and why in the world. 

00:08:51 Robert 

Would anybody want to stop Carol Baskin? 

00:08:53 Robert 

I threw this in here for Eric Glaze because he likes Tiger King and. 

00:08:57 Robert 

Then he didn’t show up. 

00:08:58 Robert 

So I think you should mock him all for that. 

00:09:00 Robert 

But Gaza, our signs are meant to point us to things. 

00:09:04 Robert 

This case is pointing us to humor anybody ever seen where somebody’s done the same thing with hammer? Time always makes me laugh when I see it. 

00:09:10 Robert 

There’s one in the point area where. 

00:09:12 Robert 

It stopped hammer. 

00:09:13 Robert 

Time because Jesus is talking about signs here. 

00:09:17 Robert 

So the whole passage. 

00:09:19 Robert 

Starts off with this. 

00:09:19 Robert 

It says. 

00:09:20 Robert 

Now Jesus himself had pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his own country. 

00:09:24 Robert 

When he arrived in Galilee, the Galileans welcomed him there. 

00:09:27 Robert 

They had seen all that he had done in Jerusalem at the Passover festival before. 

00:09:31 Robert 

They also had been there. 

00:09:33 Robert 

Now the galileans. 

00:09:34 Robert 

They didn’t come saying, Oh my gosh, I want to listen to Jesus. 

00:09:39 Robert 

Oh my gosh, he’s the savior. 

00:09:41 Robert 

I want to follow him. 

00:09:42 Robert 

They saw him do something interesting and they wanted to see more of that. 

00:09:48 Robert 

That’s why Jesus, his statement to the royal official is the following, he says. 

00:09:53 Robert 

Unless you people. 

00:09:54 Robert 

See signs and wonders, Jesus told him. 

00:09:57 Robert 

You will never believe they were focused on wanting to see more of these signs. 

00:10:04 Robert 

To have more of this experience. 

00:10:07 Robert 

And that’s what Jesus is condemning. 

00:10:08 Robert 

And if you notice here, he’s saying this to an individual. 

00:10:11 Robert 

But this is pluralized in your your translation. 

00:10:14 Robert 

It may just say you, but the word here is plural. 

00:10:19 Robert 

Y’all is such a wonderful word. 

00:10:22 Robert 

It is a southern word, but it should be used in so many contexts and to be honest, in my opinion this is a y’all OK unless y’all see signs because what we’re going to experience here is there’s a difference between the galileans and this royal official. 

00:10:41 Robert 

And it’s all about belief now. 

00:10:44 Robert 

Believe is this weird word because we treat it as though it’s a noun, and it is a noun. 

00:10:49 Robert 

OK, we have beliefs. 

00:10:52 Robert 

But in scripture, over and over again, it’s a verb. 

00:10:55 Robert 

As a matter of fact, well, here. 

00:10:59 Robert 

I’ll give you an example of what I think is a noun treatment to some. 

00:11:02 Robert 

Extent this is. 

00:11:05 Robert 

From US Soccer a few years ago. 

00:11:08 Robert 

Turn it down a little. 

00:11:10 Speaker 3 

I believe I believe that. 

00:11:15 Speaker 3 

I believe that we I believe that we will. 

00:11:23 Speaker 3 

Believe that we will will. 

00:11:32 Robert 

Does anybody remember that few years ago where soccer fans were chanting it all the time and you know how it changed their life? 

00:11:39 Robert 

Not at all. 

00:11:41 Robert 

Not one little bit. 

00:11:43 Robert 

And that’s not what’s happening here. 

00:11:44 Robert 

When you see, believe in the gospel of according to John it, it is from whoops. 

00:11:50 Robert 

Excuse me. 

00:11:50 Robert 

It’s from this word. 

00:11:51 Robert 

This is pistos. 

00:11:53 Robert 

It is a verb. It occurs 98 times in one version or another. Sometimes it’s going to be just passed us. 

00:12:02 Robert 

Sometimes it’s going to be a verb that’s formed from that, sometimes it’s going to be a part of simple, which is basically just an acting word. 

00:12:07 Robert 

At that point, it’s going to happen 98 times in the Gospel of John and it. 

00:12:11 Robert 

Is never a noun. 

00:12:13 Robert 

It is always a verb, and the big difference between a verb and a noun between a predicate and a subject is what what does a verb do? 

00:12:24 Speaker 3 

It acts. 

00:12:28 Robert 

When the Gospel of John is talking about belief, it’s not talking about do you have the right set of beliefs, though those are important. 

00:12:35 Robert 

It’s talking about do you act on this? 

00:12:40 Robert 

It’s mentioned three times in the passage we just read. 

00:12:42 Robert 

OK, now one of those is not translated, most likely in your translation as belief, but is coming from the same word in the NIV. 

00:12:51 Robert 

It’s took OK here they are. Verse 48. You will never believe. Jesus says this to the galileans unless you see signs you will never believe pistis. 

00:13:02 Robert 

The man took Jesus at his word and departed Piscus. 

00:13:06 Robert 

It’s believed right there. 

00:13:07 Robert 

The man believed Jesus and departed, and then lastly so he and his whole household believed. 

00:13:16 Robert 

I want you to think of of a trust fall whenever you hear the word belief, because what’s happening here is the difference between the royal official and the galileans is the galileans believed that Jesus could do amazing things, and they wanted to see more of it. 

00:13:37 Robert 

The royal official believed that Jesus healed. 

00:13:43 Robert 

And he took Jesus at his word. 

00:13:46 Robert 

And he went home. 

00:13:48 Robert 

The contrast is one of them acted on this belief and the others just wanted to see more things. 

00:13:56 Robert 

They wanted more experiences. 

00:13:58 Robert 

I’m sure they could have told you wonderful things about Jesus, but they weren’t allowing the signs to do what they were supposed to, because the whole point of a sign is to get you to focus. 

00:14:09 Robert 

On something else. 

00:14:11 Robert 

If you look at the sign and go, this is wonderful. 

00:14:15 Robert 

This is remarkable. 

00:14:17 Robert 

You miss it. 

00:14:20 Robert 

When my wife and I went to Savannah, which is the second time I’m mentioning this and a sermon, just because it relates, we went past. 

00:14:28 Robert 

I guess you’d call. 

00:14:29 Robert 

I would call our retirement community. 

00:14:31 Robert 

It is. 

00:14:31 Robert 

This nice little community. 

00:14:32 Robert 

Where people who had made enough money to where they didn’t have to work again went and they they wanted everything to be perfect and by perfect what they meant was they wanted it all look nice. 

00:14:45 Robert 

And it was the hardest place for us to travel because you would go down and we were looking for a restaurant at this time because we were driving and we had not. 

00:14:53 Robert 

Eaten and we were like. 

00:14:54 Robert 


00:14:54 Robert 

We’re just going to find something. 

00:14:56 Robert 

And all the restaurant signs had the exact same beige colors and know if you’ve ever been to a place like this. 

00:15:04 Robert 

But like there was a Walmart there, but it looked like everything else because it was all based and it looked Instagram perfect. 

00:15:10 Robert 

But it was next to impossible to figure out where everything was. 

00:15:14 Robert 

There was a Wendy’s there, and the Wendy’s sign. 

00:15:16 Robert 

It had the logo of Wendy’s, but its colors were the exact same as everything else. 

00:15:20 Robert 

There was a Burger King sign and it was the exact same, and there was a target and it was the exact same as the Walmart and it looked like this one big, nice bland building of stores and you couldn’t tell what was what. 

00:15:35 Robert 

And all the street signs looked great, but they didn’t help us to get where to where we wanted. 

00:15:42 Robert 

We were driving around and we would realize we just drove past the restaurant because we couldn’t tell that it was a restaurant because it could have been a dollar store. 

00:15:49 Robert 

It looked exactly the same. 

00:15:53 Robert 

When we care about the signs more than what they’re pointing to, we miss out because the whole point of Jesus’s signs. 

00:16:01 Robert 

Was they were supposed to point to that trust. 

00:16:04 Robert 

So again, to go back to those three times that appear, we could translate that. 

00:16:10 Robert 

You will never trust we could translate that. 

00:16:14 Robert 

The man trusted Jesus at his word and departed. 

00:16:16 Robert 

We could translate that. 

00:16:18 Robert 

So he and his whole family trusted. 

00:16:22 Robert 

Everything that Jesus did in the ancient Near East, everything that’s recorded in Scripture is meant to help us to trust him. 

00:16:30 Robert 

Everything that happens now is meant to help us to trust him, and that trust is always a verb. 

00:16:41 Robert 

Trust always implies action. 

00:16:43 Robert 

There are lots of things I believe in. 

00:16:44 Robert 

But I don’t trust them. 

00:16:47 Robert 

The things I trust I throw myself into, I may believe that the power is off when I’m working in an electrical outlet, but I guarantee you that I’m going to test it multiple times with a multimeter to make sure that that power is off. I don’t trust that the powers off, I just believe that the power’s off. 

00:17:07 Robert 

Jesus is calling us to trust him. 

00:17:11 Robert 

Now I mentioned with the Lord’s Supper that JK Smith talks about our rituals are meant to help us remember what we love, and we are shaped by what we love. So what does it mean to trust Jesus? 

00:17:23 Robert 

Now the reality is it’d be really easy for me to just give you a list and say this is what it means to trust Jesus, but that’s not what it means to trust Jesus. 

00:17:31 Robert 

Jesus was kind of the anti list to a large extent he was saying I’m not going to give you this and say if you do this, this, this and this then you’re OK. 

00:17:42 Robert 

What he was saying is. 

00:17:44 Robert 

Follow me. 

00:17:48 Robert 

I’m going to show you what it means to live a life. 

00:17:51 Robert 

That trust in me, and there’s going to be some some difficulty in that there going to be times where you go. 

00:17:56 Robert 

I don’t entirely know what that means. 

00:17:59 Robert 

Does it mean to trust Jesus? 

00:18:01 Robert 

Well, the first thing he preaches about is that the Kingdom of God is near. 

00:18:04 Robert 

He says the following. 

00:18:05 Robert 

This is the very first sermon Jesus ever preaches. From that time on, Jesus began to preach, repent for the Kingdom of heaven has come near. Now we think of repent with sin. What it literally means is it means A18. 

00:18:18 Robert 

I’m walking this way. 

00:18:20 Robert 

I turn and go this way. 

00:18:22 Robert 

He’s not saying you’re evil because and the the Kingdom of God has said, hey, what he’s saying is, hey, my way is coming to Earth. 

00:18:31 Robert 

Stop going your way and try to follow mine. 

00:18:35 Robert 

What’s that look like? 

00:18:36 Robert 

Well, it varies. 

00:18:40 Robert 

Sometimes it means trusting when you don’t want to. 

00:18:43 Robert 

Sometimes it means giving when you don’t want to. 

00:18:45 Robert 

Sometimes it means loving your enemy. 

00:18:48 Robert 

Sometimes it means taking bread to your neighbors. 

00:18:51 Robert 

It means all sorts of things, and there’s not a list that can cover that. 

00:18:55 Robert 

But it means coming back always and saying the Kingdom of God is at hand. 

00:19:00 Robert 

And I trust that God is at work in the midst of all this, in the midst of a test that I am not. 

00:19:05 Robert 

Ready for in the midst of a parenting situation where I’m struggling in the midst of a relationship where you’re like everything’s just kind of, uh, right now. 

00:19:16 Robert 

All of these things we trust, and we say Jesus, I believe you are active in the midst of that. 

00:19:27 Robert 

And I also believe that it means that we. 

00:19:29 Robert 

Take Jesus at his word. 

00:19:31 Robert 

When he says that he didn’t come to burden us. 

00:19:34 Robert 

One of the things that he says is he says this, he says for my yoke is easy and. 

00:19:37 Robert 

My burden is light. 

00:19:39 Robert 

That’s why I’m not going to give you a list of this is what it means to trust Jesus. 

00:19:43 Robert 

Because the reality is we do a really good job of putting a heavy burden on ourselves. 

00:19:48 Robert 

And Jesus came to make our burden light. 

00:19:51 Robert 

We do a terrible job of this. 

00:19:54 Robert 

A terrible job of it, of going Jesus loves me. 

00:20:02 Robert 

What does it mean to trust him when he says I have come that you might have life? 

00:20:12 Robert 

So I can’t tell you exactly what that is. 

00:20:15 Robert 

Because if I told you exactly what that was, one I would be wrong. 

00:20:19 Robert 

And two, what would happen is we would start focusing on the list rather than focusing on the one that we’re supposed to follow. 

00:20:27 Robert 

Signs always point to something else. 

00:20:35 Robert 

What do you have to add? 

00:20:39 Robert 

What does it mean to trust? 


And in there. 

00:20:51 Juan 

It’s that verse. 

00:20:53 Robert 

Which verse? 

00:20:56 Robert 

50, OK. 

00:20:58 Robert 

Which is the one where he and his family believed. 

00:21:03 Speaker 4 

It words it like this. 

00:21:05 Speaker 4 

The man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and went home. 

00:21:09 Speaker 4 

And then taking the context of you. 

00:21:14 Speaker 4 

His belief wasn’t that his child had been healed. 

00:21:18 Speaker 4 

His belief was that. 

00:21:19 Speaker 4 

Jesus was. 

00:21:20 Robert 

Yeah, that’s. 

00:21:22 Speaker 4 

That is. 

00:21:24 Robert 

Point out of difference. 

00:21:26 Speaker 4 

There’s a difference between. 

00:21:29 Speaker 4 

Bleeding something to be true and bleeding someone else? 

00:21:43 Speaker 4 

Saving me that Jesus is true. 

00:21:47 Speaker 4 

Not until we see. 

00:21:52 Speaker 4 

But the trust the bleeding should happen. 

00:21:59 Robert 

I like that one because if I understand what you’re. 

00:22:02 Robert 

Saying it’s not if. 

00:22:04 Robert 

He came there to have a son healed. 

00:22:07 Robert 

And instead of going oh, I’ve accomplished my mission and my son is healed now he goes alright. 

00:22:13 Robert 

I trust this guy. 

00:22:15 Robert 

Whatever happens that he says, I trust him. 

00:22:19 Robert 

It’s going to be for the best. 

00:22:21 Robert 

And instead of trying to drag Jesus home with him, he just basically said OK. 

00:22:27 Robert 

You’re good enough. 

00:22:29 Robert 

He didn’t know what had happened. 

00:22:31 Robert 

He just said this man’s worth following. 

00:22:37 Robert 

This is a very good point, John. 

00:22:38 Robert 

Thank you. 

00:22:39 Robert 

Anybody else? 

00:22:42 Robert 


00:22:44 Robert 

Here’s what I encourage you to. 

00:22:45 Robert 

Do signs are wonderful. 

00:22:47 Robert 

I mean, I really do like signs. 

00:22:49 Robert 

They’re they’re just wonderful. 

00:22:50 Robert 

I’m very, very big fan of signs when I’m trying to find something. 

00:22:53 Robert 

Matter of fact, there’s a restaurant in town. 

00:22:54 Robert 

If you haven’t eaten at the big garlic yet, I would encourage you to eat at it. 

00:22:57 Robert 

It’s a really good hamburger. 

00:22:58 Robert 

It’s also really difficult to find. 

00:23:01 Robert 

Their signage is very difficult. 

00:23:03 Robert 

Sarah is shaking your head. 

00:23:04 Robert 

Y’all did y’all struggle with. 

00:23:06 Robert 

Also, yeah, I drove around and round and round trying to figure it out finally. 

00:23:11 Robert 

It’s like, oh, there’s the sign right there. 

00:23:13 Robert 

It’s just real hard to see if you’re if the owners of the big garlic are watching this. 

00:23:19 Robert 

I would say get a better sign, but your hamburgers and your chips are outstanding. 

00:23:23 Robert 

Their chips are really good and I would encourage you. 

00:23:26 Robert 

To do that. 

00:23:27 Robert 

Our signs are meant to point us. 

00:23:28 Robert 

To something what? 

00:23:30 Robert 

Is it in your life that points you towards Jesus? 

00:23:34 Robert 

Not because that’s the right thing to do. 

00:23:36 Robert 

Not because, oh, you’ll be a good moral person. 

00:23:38 Robert 

But because I believe with all my heart that Jesus is what life is ultimately all about. 

00:23:44 Robert 

When he is in the right place, everything else is better. 

00:23:49 Robert 

So what signs do you have in your life? 

00:23:50 Robert 

That’s the whole reason that we, we read Scripture. 

00:23:53 Robert 

That’s the whole reason that we sing. 

00:23:55 Robert 

Think of what we are reminded of with songs over and over again. It’s the whole reason we do the Lord’s supper. 

00:23:59 Robert 

It’s part of the reason that we gather together. 

00:24:02 Robert 

One is to have that reminder and then two, we each serve as the reminders of each other. 

00:24:07 Robert 

Find some things in your life. 

00:24:09 Robert 

Create some things, steal some things from other things. 

00:24:12 Robert 

They’re wonderful parts of church tradition that do that we’re about to start one of those signs in two weeks because we will start lent, which is a focus on saying I need forgiveness as we get ready for Easter. 

00:24:26 Robert 

Find some signs. 

00:24:28 Robert 

So if you would join with me in our closing prayer. 

00:24:32 Speaker 5 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

00:24:41 Speaker 5 

Praise him. 

00:24:43 Speaker 5 

All creatures here be low. 

00:24:50 Speaker 5 

Praise him above ye heavenly host. 

00:24:59 Speaker 5 

Praise Father, son and Holy Ghost. 

00:25:14 Robert 

Have a great week. 

00:25:16 Robert 

Look around you and be reminded constantly. 

00:25:20 Robert 

That there is one who is worthy of trust and then trust him. 

00:25:25 Robert 

Have a good week, OK?