Lenten 1

Lenten 1

The message from the February 26, 2023 gathering of Tapestry Church. Matthew 4:1-11 while in God’s rule humanity was tempted, chose their own will, and was sent into the wilderness. The Son of God went into the wilderness and was tempted in order to bring humanity back into the presence of God.

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00:00:01 Robert 

If you would like to escape your parents for a little while, Miss Loretta and Miss Maria and Maria, that’s my southerness coming out with the miss there now are going to be going into the cafe. 

00:00:12 Robert 

You do not have to, but you are more than welcome to, so the rest of us. We’re going to talk about Jesus’s temptation. 

00:00:22 Robert 

So if you have your. 

00:00:23 Robert 

Bulletins. It’s in front of you. If you have your Bibles with you, it’s the 4th chapter of Matthew’s gospel. 

00:00:29 Robert 

So the gospel according to Matthew’s fourth chapter, it will also be appearing by the Magic of light on a piece of fabric. 

00:00:38 Robert 

Remind me. 

00:00:40 Robert 

So this is what the word of the Lord says. 

00:00:45 Robert 

Then Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. 

00:00:50 Robert 

After fasting 40 days and 40 nights, he was hungry. 

00:00:54 Robert 

I got to be completely honest and I’m just gonna say that’s one of my favorite sentences in all of Scripture. 

00:00:59 Robert 

Just because of the way it it downplays that after fasting for 40 days and 40 nights he was. 

00:01:07 Robert 

I have never fasted 40 days and 40 nights I have fasted, but I have not fasted that long. 

00:01:11 Robert 

But I have known some people who have and one of them you’ve actually met. 

00:01:16 Robert 

He was one of my good friends, a guy named Andy, who many of you know, has passed away not because the fasting. 

00:01:23 Robert 

And he did it. 

00:01:24 Robert 

And he talked about. 

00:01:27 Robert 

How he couldn’t have done it without other people that it like, you’re literally he was like, I could barely move as a result. 

00:01:34 Robert 

So it’s neither here nor there. 

00:01:36 Robert 

I just love I I think every now and then scripture gets a little snarky. 

00:01:39 Robert 

That’s a little snarky right there. 

00:01:42 Robert 

After fasting 40 days and 40 nights, he was hungry. 

00:01:45 Robert 

The Tempter came to him and said if you are the son of God, tell these stones to become bread. 

00:01:51 Robert 

Jesus answer it is written, man shall not live on bread alone, but own every word that comes from the mouth of God. 

00:01:58 Robert 

Then the devil. 

00:01:59 Robert 

Took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the. 

00:02:03 Robert 

Well, if you are the son of God, he said. 

00:02:07 Robert 

Throw yourself down, for it is written. 

00:02:10 Robert 

He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against the stone. 

00:02:18 Robert 

Jesus answered him. 

00:02:20 Robert 

It is also written. 

00:02:21 Robert 

Do not put the Lord your God to the test. 

00:02:24 Robert 

Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 

00:02:31 Robert 

All this will I give you, he said. 

00:02:35 Robert 

If you will bow down and worship me, Jesus said to him away from me, Satan, for it is written, worship the Lord your God. 

00:02:44 Robert 

And serve him only. 

00:02:49 Robert 

Then the devil left him and angels came and attended him. 

00:02:53 Robert 

So we’re talking about the temptations that Christ went through, and he went through a lot. 

00:02:59 Robert 

I think it’s best to to understand temptation kind of from this mindset that Oscar Wilde, if you’ve ever read any of his stuff, he said he had a very effective way of getting rid of temptation and that was to give in to it. 

00:03:11 Robert 

Your temptations grow when you deny. 

00:03:13 Robert 

In them they don’t decrease. 

00:03:16 Robert 

So I believe that most likely Jesus was not only tempted like us, he was probably tempted much worse than any of us had ever experienced because of the fact he never gave in to them. 

00:03:26 Robert 

There are temptations I have most of you don’t know this. 

00:03:29 Robert 

Some of you do. 

00:03:31 Robert 

I have very little self-control when it comes to orange juice. Now you may be saying oh, that’s not that big a deal like. 

00:03:37 Robert 

I have very little self-control when it comes to orange juice. I have been. There’s a place in Madison called the Upper House where they do lectures every now and then. 

00:03:46 Robert 

It’s a wonderful place. 

00:03:47 Robert 

I go there every so often, and if any of you remember Connor Hanson, he and I went there one time and they offer free orange juice. 

00:03:56 Robert 

And at the end of it, he was he was like Robert, I just did not believe that anybody could drink that much orange. I just don’t have any self-control there. 

00:04:09 Robert 

At least according to the the Orthodox Christian belief, which is what I hold. 

00:04:13 Robert 

Was tempted and never gave in. 

00:04:17 Robert 

So this was not just like three time temptation and that’s it. 

00:04:21 Robert 

It’s probably all of his life and it gets worse and worse and worse. 

00:04:27 Robert 

Lent typically begins. 

00:04:30 Robert 

With two readings in the church and I find this interesting, it usually begins with the story of humanity’s sin. 

00:04:39 Robert 

Which is what? 

00:04:41 Robert 

Gamely read for us. 

00:04:43 Robert 

And then it usually also involves the reading of the temptation of Jesus. 

00:04:49 Robert 

It’s it’s so interesting to me because these temptations, well, there’s some very specific things that are involved in it. 

00:04:55 Robert 

The the first of the temptations that Jesus goes through deals with his appetite, not just physical. 

00:05:01 Robert 

We are all tempted with our appetites. 

00:05:04 Robert 

We all have things that we just have these cravings for. 

00:05:07 Robert 

Sometimes their needs, sometimes their wants. 

00:05:09 Robert 

But we see them and it just draws us. 

00:05:13 Robert 

Could be food, could be consumption on other levels. 

00:05:16 Robert 

There may be advertisements that you know if you see that advertisement, you’re immediately going to start thinking, oh, I want that like to be honest right now, what’s going through my head is I’m making popcorn when I get home tonight. 

00:05:28 Robert 


00:05:28 Robert 

Because somebody made popcorn and did not offer me any. 

00:05:33 Robert 

And she’s acting all nice and sweet. 

00:05:36 Robert 

But you notice she’s still not offering me any. 

00:05:40 Robert 

You laugh, but there’s truth. 

00:05:42 Robert 

I mean, I’m making a joke there, but the reality is we have things that just get. 

00:05:45 Robert 

Us and you? 

00:05:46 Robert 

They just get in your crawl. 

00:05:50 Robert 

Jesus is tempted by an appetite, and that appetite is a God-given appetite. We were designed to receive nourishment from food and to enjoy the process, to enjoy the eating, and to enjoy who we eat with. 

00:06:02 Robert 

Many of you enjoy the process of cooking the food you just get into it. 

00:06:09 Robert 

It’s a part of the nourishment that happens. 

00:06:11 Robert 

Those appetites are God-given they are holy, and they are wonderful. And yet Jesus, for this point needed to deny it, and it became a temptation. 

00:06:21 Robert 

It’s interesting. 

00:06:23 Robert 

The first scripture we read. 

00:06:25 Robert 

The temptation there is also about appetites. 

00:06:29 Robert 

That food looks good. 

00:06:30 Robert 

That fruit looks good. 

00:06:32 Robert 

He’s also tempted on identification. 

00:06:36 Robert 

If you are the son of God. 

00:06:41 Robert 

Now sometimes we use the word if as incense, but other times we use it to question and you’re like, what do you mean by sense? 

00:06:47 Robert 

Well, like you have probably said to somebody, hey, if you’re my friend, you’ll go do this knowing that what you’re saying is, hey, would you bring me? 

00:06:54 Robert 

A cup of coffee when you come back. 

00:06:57 Robert 

You may have done it with people you love. 

00:06:59 Robert 

If you love me, you’ll. 

00:07:00 Robert 

Do this and. 

00:07:01 Robert 

You’re just joking about it. 

00:07:02 Robert 

What you mean is because you value me. 

00:07:04 Robert 

You’re going to do this, and I know it. 

00:07:06 Robert 

But then there are other times where we say if and we mean if in the sense of like, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. 

00:07:15 Robert 

Satanist is using that that question of do you really believe you are the son of God? 

00:07:23 Robert 

If you are the son of. 

00:07:24 Robert 

God, you can throw. 

00:07:25 Robert 

Yourself down. 

00:07:28 Robert 

And then the last one is that he uses glory, who will receive the worship here. 

00:07:34 Robert 

Who will be the one declared worthy now? The reason I bring this up is so often we hear things like this and it it becomes about self-discipline. 

00:07:42 Robert 

We are all quite good at this and I say we here because tapestry church, you are a bunch of very successful people. 

00:07:49 Robert 

You may not feel that way, but think about the people that are in this room. 

00:07:53 Robert 

Think about the people that you know are watching this video. 

00:07:56 Robert 

You are very successful people. 

00:07:59 Robert 

It it amazes me it actually amazes some of my friends when I talk about the number of people that we have that will get up here and lead music on any given Sunday. 

00:08:08 Robert 

Air can be used you for just a second. 

00:08:10 Robert 

You’ve told me about your your parents church before. 

00:08:13 Robert 

They’ve led music for a long time, or church is significantly bigger than us. 

00:08:19 Robert 

Do they have as many people leading worship as we do? 


It would be. 


For someone else to lead. 

00:08:26 Robert 

And I’m sorry, I kind of did that without your permission. 

00:08:30 Robert 

But I I didn’t think you might. 

00:08:31 Robert 

Whereas we have so many people that that want to do this and have the ability to do this, that we literally just have a. 

00:08:37 Robert 

List that we rotate. 

00:08:39 Robert 

If you notice, we don’t really ever have the. 

00:08:41 Robert 

Same person up here anymore. 

00:08:44 Robert 

I’m not trying to brag on. 

00:08:45 Robert 

You were just a group of hugely successful people and the danger with that is is it begins to make you think I have to be able to. 

00:08:53 Robert 

Do this on my own. 

00:08:55 Robert 

Because it’s worked out for you in some ways, self-discipline is not a bad thing. It’s a good thing. 

00:09:01 Robert 

Think of the hobbies you have. Think of the professional things you have. Think of the parenting things you have that involve self-discipline. That’s not bad. It works out. 

00:09:12 Robert 

It’s just bad when it’s what’s ultimately your meaning. 

00:09:17 Robert 

I don’t know about you. 

00:09:19 Robert 

But as a parent. 

00:09:21 Robert 

Raising my kids, I could do everything right and everything could still. 

00:09:25 Robert 

Fall to pot. 

00:09:28 Robert 

I think I just created a saying there. 

00:09:29 Robert 

I don’t think that’s actually a saying, is it? 

00:09:33 Robert 

Falls apart, fall. 

00:09:35 Robert 

Go to pot. 

00:09:36 Robert 

There we go. 

00:09:37 Robert 

Thank you. 

00:09:37 Robert 

I mixed my metaphor. 

00:09:40 Robert 

Guys that self-discipline is not a bad thing until. 

00:09:44 Robert 

It’s like it’s. 

00:09:45 Robert 

Entirely dependent upon you and the reason I bring this up is what happens is we so often read the stories of the. 

00:09:50 Robert 

Temptation and go ohh. 

00:09:52 Robert 

This is a way for me to avoid temptation if I just know the right scripture, I can take care of this if I just have the right saying if I just. 

00:10:00 Robert 

Do the right thing or say the right prayer. 

00:10:03 Robert 

It will take care of everything. 

00:10:07 Robert 

And yet, the beginning story of Christianity that Kaylee read for us is that humanity had everything going for it. 

00:10:18 Robert 

And we couldn’t say no. 

00:10:22 Robert 

I mean literally, Satan’s temptation is did God say you can’t eat from any fruit of the tree, which is a lie? 

00:10:30 Robert 

It’s like literally you can eat everything except for this wine. 

00:10:33 Robert 

Do you eat this wine? 

00:10:34 Robert 

You’re going to die. 

00:10:35 Robert 

Eat everything else. 

00:10:37 Robert 

I like to think there was like a rib eye. 

00:10:39 Robert 

Fruit tree there. 

00:10:40 Robert 

OK, I could just eat this and be satisfied and thrilled. 

00:10:44 Robert 

I don’t get it very often. 

00:10:45 Robert 


00:10:45 Robert 

So therefore I would just be thrilled if we could just eat that all the time, God says. 

00:10:49 Robert 

Everything eat it. 

00:10:51 Robert 

They had one thing to say no to. 

00:10:55 Robert 

And could they say no? 

00:11:01 Robert 

And I think when we’re honest for ourselves, we’re the same way we can be so self disciplined, we can work out so many strategies to take care of so many different things and we are just like Adam and Eve. 

00:11:13 Robert 

We fail. 

00:11:20 Robert 

Our self-discipline is so good until it fails and the worst thing is is that the tempter says to us again and again, if you just work harder, if you just try harder, you’ll get it right. 

00:11:32 Robert 

Oh, you didn’t get it right. 

00:11:34 Robert 

You’re a bad person. 

00:11:37 Robert 

That’s why we come on Lent and we remember. 

00:11:42 Robert 

We remember that we are dust. 

00:11:45 Robert 

It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person at all. 

00:11:48 Robert 

You are created in the image of God and more importantly, you are loved by God. 

00:11:54 Robert 

Even now, after we have blemished that image. 

00:11:58 Robert 

It’s not just something that was done then think of the things that we have done. 

00:12:02 Robert 

Think of the things that you have done that were selfish, the things that you have done that have hurt others that you loved, the choices that you have made, all of us. 

00:12:11 Robert 

In the room. 

00:12:14 Robert 

We were created to look like Jesus. 

00:12:17 Robert 

And so often instead, we live like the tempter. 

00:12:23 Robert 

So we come here to say remember you are dust, but not for some reason that would would be you’re a bad person not to say. 

00:12:34 Robert 

Therefore you’re unworthy. 

00:12:37 Robert 

When we come here, we want to declare the worth of Jesus and we declare the worth of Jesus best by how he grabs sinners like us and proclaims us to be Saints. 

00:12:48 Robert 

And there’s a. 

00:12:49 Robert 

So often we think sainthood is something that is earned by righteous acts. 

00:12:55 Robert 

And yet what Jesus does instead is he. 

00:12:57 Robert 

He says. 

00:12:58 Robert 

Oh, oh, yeah, you’re falling, just like your father and your mother beforehand. 

00:13:03 Robert 

But I will declare you righteous. 

00:13:07 Robert 

If you remember the words that Joanna read so effectively and Eric did an OK job of following after. 

00:13:14 Robert 

I so wish Jan had been here. I’m I’m missing her right now. She’ll be back eventually. But if Jan was here, we all know what would have happened when Joanna finished reading. She would have applauded it right then. And I was like somebody’s gotta applaud. 

00:13:30 Robert 

That whole passage from Paul is is where he is saying. 

00:13:35 Robert 

You’re just like your father, Adam. 

00:13:38 Robert 

You’re just like your mother, Eve. 

00:13:40 Robert 

But Jesus has now declared you righteous. 

00:13:43 Robert 

Here’s the end of that passage. 

00:13:47 Robert 

Simply, just as one trespass, trespass resulted in condemnation for all people, so also one righteous act resulted in justification in life for all people. 

00:13:57 Robert 

Just as through the disobedience of one man, the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous. 

00:14:10 Robert 

You can’t do it. 

00:14:11 Robert 

It’s OK. 

00:14:12 Robert 

It’s been. 

00:14:13 Robert 

Done for you. 

00:14:17 Robert 

See the passage is the scripture we’ve been reading today are about the fact that we gave in to the temptation from a tempter. 

00:14:25 Robert 

And Jesus has started the process of defeating that temperature. 

00:14:30 Robert 

Now wilderness in Scripture is very important. 

00:14:35 Robert 

It’s often referred to as desert. 

00:14:37 Robert 

We think of desert as in sand. 

00:14:38 Robert 

That is true in many of the cases here, but it’s more wilderness wilderness in the sense of there may be trees and such there, but it’s a lonely place separated from others. 

00:14:51 Robert 

The passage that Kaylee read today. 

00:14:54 Robert 

Starts with us in the garden. 

00:14:57 Robert 

Surrounded with all God’s goodness, and we choose evil and we are chased out into the wilderness. 

00:15:05 Robert 

If you read the passage, it’s for our own protection. 

00:15:10 Robert 

The passage that I read today. 

00:15:13 Robert 

Is the son of God surrounded by goodness going out into the wilderness? 

00:15:20 Robert 

To defeat the tempter. 

00:15:23 Robert 

To begin the process of bringing us back into the presence of God. 

00:15:30 Robert 

That’s why we remember we are dust, not so that we leave this place sad and guilt ridden, but so that we are ready to accept his grace and say I can’t earn it. 

00:15:43 Robert 

I need someone else to defeat the tempter in my life. I need someone else to defeat my selfishness. I need someone else to defeat my hurtful actions. I need someone else to come and declare me righteous because my self-discipline will never do it. 

00:16:02 Robert 

And it doesn’t mean we don’t try. 

00:16:05 Robert 

We try really hard. 

00:16:08 Robert 

It means we’re not dependent on our trying for our victory. 

00:16:16 Robert 

He is the one who will crush the Serpent’s head. 

00:16:20 Robert 

He is the one who will say to the tempter, and I call him the tempter, because that’s what he does. 

00:16:26 Robert 

Again and again, he proclaims that you are unworthy, that I am unworthy. 

00:16:32 Robert 

That’s what hospital means. 

00:16:34 Robert 

He is the adversary. 

00:16:36 Robert 

He is the accuser. 

00:16:38 Robert 

Satan literally means the one who accuses. 

00:16:41 Robert 

Who says you tried really hard and you failed? 

00:16:45 Robert 

That means you’re a failure. 

00:16:52 Robert 

Rather than the the wine. 

00:16:54 Robert 

Who crushes the Serpent’s head and says? 

00:16:58 Robert 

I call you friends. 

00:17:04 Robert 

So on Lent we come to remember. 

00:17:07 Robert 

Not that our self-discipline is worthless, it’s just not good enough. 

00:17:13 Robert 

And the joy is we don’t have to be good enough because we have been declared good enough by the one who has the right to do that. 

00:17:22 Robert 

That’s what Joanna and Eric read. 

00:17:26 Robert 

We’ve been brought back in to the place of God from the wilderness. 

00:17:32 Robert 

So while my stomach growls, I don’t know if you. 

00:17:35 Robert 

Can hear that or. 

00:17:35 Robert 

Not before I end. 

00:17:37 Robert 

Does anybody have anything to add? 

00:17:42 Robert 

Go for it clients. 




This part like him going away, he. 


Come to me, enlightened and. 


Then come to that. 


Is there similarities? 

00:18:01 Robert 

All right, that’s interesting. 

00:18:02 Robert 

So if you heard, Clancy said, sometimes I think of it with the story of Buddha, where Buddha goes out into the into the wilderness and becomes enlightened, and then comes back. 

00:18:10 Robert 

There’s a difference. 

00:18:12 Robert 

I can’t go back to my scripture. 

00:18:14 Robert 

This happens after the declaration of who he is. 

00:18:18 Robert 

So if you read the passage before this, if you notice the scripture I read, it says immediately after. 

00:18:25 Robert 

So does anybody know what happens right before the the temptations? 

00:18:31 Robert 

Is baptism. 

00:18:32 Robert 

Jesus’s baptism, which you could declare almost like a coronation because what happens is he is anointed and the father says this is my son in whom I am well pleased. Buddha goes out and earns this enlightenment through right actions Jesus is declared. 

00:18:53 Robert 

You’re my son. 

00:18:55 Robert 

So I think the biggest difference is that Jesus going out in the wilderness was not a I’m going to learn this. 

00:19:01 Robert 

It was this is who I am now. 

00:19:03 Robert 

I start the process of bringing those in the wilderness back in. 

00:19:06 Robert 

I would describe that as the biggest difference. 

00:19:09 Robert 

Now there’s big differences between Buddhism and Christianity. 

00:19:12 Robert 

Also, Buddhism at its core is ultimately. 

00:19:15 Robert 

Suffering comes out of desire, therefore you get rid of desire. Christianity is in many ways the opposite is going back to appetites. Your appetites are God-given. 

00:19:24 Robert 

Your appetites are God glorifying in that sense, one of the best things we can do is to use our appetites to glorify God, IE we literally eat as a symbol of remembrance of Jesus. 

00:19:37 Robert 

We taste in. 

00:19:38 Robert 

In our case, the Welches grape juice. 

00:19:40 Robert 

We don’t deny ourselves the welches. 

00:19:42 Robert 

We taste the welches and it reminds us there’s there’s good in Buddhism. 

00:19:46 Robert 

I’m just saying there’s big differences there. 

00:19:49 Robert 

There’s good all around us because of the fact that God is the creator here. 

00:19:53 Robert 

Anything that’s true belongs to him, regardless of where it comes from. 

00:19:58 Robert 

But there’s also difference. 

00:20:00 Robert 

I believe Jesus is the ultimate way. 

00:20:02 Robert 

Anybody else before I close this down. 

00:20:07 Robert 

OK, I’m going to take that as a no. 

00:20:09 Robert 

So here’s what I I hope you get out of this. 

00:20:14 Robert 

A few things. 

00:20:20 Robert 

Your self-discipline. 

00:20:23 Robert 

It has some advantages. 

00:20:24 Robert 

Don’t hear me say it’s wrong. 

00:20:25 Robert 

OK, I know. 

00:20:26 Robert 

I’m talking to a group of people that have a lot of discipline. 

00:20:29 Robert 

I know that. 

00:20:30 Robert 

I’m not saying don’t. 

00:20:31 Robert 

Use it at all. 

00:20:33 Robert 

I like the word the phrase best practices. 

00:20:37 Robert 

Best practices mean this is usually helpful. 

00:20:41 Robert 

But it’s not always helpful. 

00:20:44 Robert 

See, Legalism is if you do this, this, and this. 

00:20:47 Robert 

That’s going to happen. 

00:20:48 Robert 

It’s a guarantee. 

00:20:49 Robert 

Best practices. 

00:20:51 Robert 

Well, Kaylee, in your work, you can tell people some really good things that will probably help. 

00:20:57 Robert 

Have you ever told people some good things that would probably help? 

00:21:00 Robert 

And it didn’t help at all. 

00:21:02 Robert 

Yeah, because sometimes I think of it like gardening. 

00:21:06 Robert 

You can do everything right or in my case you can do everything wrong. 

00:21:11 Robert 

And stuff grows. 

00:21:14 Robert 

And and those of you who are gardeners, I’m going to look at Ellen right now. 

00:21:18 Robert 

You can do everything right and then suddenly it’s like the seeds go. 

00:21:21 Robert 

Nah, not going to grow. 

00:21:24 Robert 

Or hail. 

00:21:25 Robert 

I didn’t even I didn’t. 

00:21:26 Robert 

Think of that. 

00:21:27 Robert 

Difference between a farmer and and a non farmer I’m. 

00:21:30 Robert 

Like nature’s good. And you’re like, no, it’s. 

00:21:33 Robert 

Not ice comes from the sky. 

00:21:38 Robert 

Your discipline is good. 

00:21:40 Robert 

It just can’t bring you ultimate meaning. 

00:21:45 Robert 

And what I love about Lent is it’s a reminder that doesn’t have to. 

00:21:50 Robert 

At the end of the day, we are declared righteous. 

00:21:55 Robert 

You’re good enough. 

00:21:56 Robert 

So when you fail and you will fail. 

00:22:00 Robert 

Many of us will fail. 

00:22:01 Robert 

Literally the 2nd we walked out of this room. 

00:22:04 Robert 

You may have failed. 

00:22:05 Robert 

While I’m saying that I think my Southern accent is coming out as I say, the word fail. 

00:22:11 Robert 

When you fail. 

00:22:13 Robert 

Much like an addict. 

00:22:15 Robert 

You have the choice of do I turn back to Jesus? 

00:22:17 Robert 

Do I get up again or do I stay down? 

00:22:21 Robert 

The tempter is wanting you to go. 

00:22:22 Robert 

You’re just a terrible person. 

00:22:23 Robert 

Jesus is saying, come on. 

00:22:26 Robert 

And he grabs us by the hand and lifts us up out of the water. 

00:22:32 Robert 

So this week, remember you are dust. 

00:22:36 Robert 

But remember that the creator of the universe creates and breathes life into figures made of dust. 

00:22:45 Robert 

Would you join with me in closing and singing or closing prayer, which we have already sung? 

00:22:52 Robert 

And I’m excited about that. 

00:22:58 Speaker 2 

Praise God from whom all things flow. 

00:23:07 Speaker 2 

Praise him. 

00:23:08 Speaker 2 

All creatures here be low praise. 

00:23:19 Speaker 2 

Ye Heavenly go first, praise for Father, son and holy goes. 

00:23:40 Robert 

If you are our guest today, there are guest cards in the back. 

00:23:42 Robert 

If you fill it out, I will bribe you with a with a meal or with a cup of coffee just to say thank you for being here today. 

00:23:49 Robert 

Because we really do appreciate it. 

00:23:53 Robert 

God’s grace is all around us. 

00:23:56 Robert 

It is given to you. 

00:23:58 Robert 

But it’s hard for us to receive it when we’re too busy going. 

00:24:01 Robert 

I can. 

00:24:02 Robert 

Just work harder. 

00:24:03 Robert 

It’s meant for people that are made of dust. 

00:24:06 Robert 

Have a great week. 

00:24:07 Robert 


00:24:08 Robert 

Thank you for joining us on video. 

Romans 3:21-27
Lenten 2