The Need of the Body

The Need of the Body

Lindsey led us in talking about how important it is within the Body of Christ to admit our needs to one another.


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00:00:01 Lindsey 

Alright, let’s test this out. 

00:00:03 Lindsey 

Can you all hear me OK? 

00:00:05 Lindsey 

Am I miked? 

00:00:06 Lindsey 

There we go. 

00:00:08 Lindsey 

Well, good morning everyone. 

00:00:12 Lindsey 

I still feel so new to this community. 

00:00:14 Lindsey 

We moved here a year ago. 

00:00:15 Lindsey 

Actually on Tuesday it’ll be a full year. 

00:00:19 Lindsey 

And I’m very grateful and humbled to be given the time and the space to share a message with you. 

00:00:26 Lindsey 

So I’m Lindsey. 

00:00:27 Lindsey 

I’m also female, a mom, and I’m fairly young and I don’t know about you, but I don’t often get to hear from young mothers up on a Sunday morning. 

00:00:38 Lindsey 

So this morning I want to share from you, not from the space of. 

00:00:44 Lindsey 

I’m not Robert Terrell I’m not George Groves. 

00:00:47 Lindsey 

My dad was a pastor for 35 years in the Methodist Church. Maybe more than that, Lisa can correct me. My sister is here from Germany today. 

00:01:00 Lindsey 

And I’m not another female preacher. 

00:01:02 Lindsey 

I am Lindsey Grove sausser. 

00:01:04 Lindsey 

I’m a 30 year old mom and so to start off our message I just wanted to tell you a little bit more about myself. 

00:01:11 Lindsey 

So I’m a mom of a toddler. My daughter is 2 1/2. She’s almost three and one more two more months, and I wrote some of this sermon while watching Moana on the couch with her. 

00:01:21 Lindsey 

I adore being outside. 

00:01:24 Lindsey 

I absolutely love it and right now my favorite winter hobbies are running in the snow and skiing. 

00:01:32 Lindsey 

When I’m inside, I like to read. 

00:01:34 Lindsey 

I like making food. 

00:01:36 Lindsey 

I like creating beautiful somethings like. 

00:01:40 Lindsey 

Mostly food and sometimes just decorating rooms. 

00:01:43 Lindsey 

It fills me up. 

00:01:44 Lindsey 

A lot and I listen to a lot of. 

00:01:46 Lindsey 

Audio books. 

00:01:48 Lindsey 

And most of the jobs that I’ve had have overlapped in education program and event planning and writing. 

00:01:54 Lindsey 

I’m a very hands on person and I love teaching and doing. 

00:02:01 Lindsey 

Today Robert has reminded me to pick one single thing to talk about and to pick something that I care about or have experience with. 

00:02:09 Lindsey 

So this is my shot today. 

00:02:12 Lindsey 

I’ll be talking about why the body of Christ needs each other and how asking for help is a healthy spiritual discipline. 

00:02:22 Lindsey 

Today we’ll be reading in First Corinthians 1212 through 26, so I’ll give you a couple of minutes or a couple of seconds to turn in your bulletin or your Bible, or your phone, or read along on the screen with me. 

00:02:39 Lindsey 

Just as a body, the one has many parts but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. 

00:02:47 Lindsey 

For we were all baptized by 1 spirit, so as to form one body, whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free. 

00:02:54 Lindsey 

And we were all given the one spirit to drink. 

00:02:57 Lindsey 

Even so, the body is not made-up of one part, but of many. 

00:03:02 Lindsey 

Now, if the foot should say because I’m not a hand, I do not belong to. 

00:03:06 Lindsey 

The body it would not for that reason stop being part of the body. 

00:03:10 Lindsey 

And if the ear should say because I’m not an eye, I do not belong to the body. 

00:03:15 Lindsey 

It would not for that reason stop being part of the body. 

00:03:19 Lindsey 

If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? 

00:03:24 Lindsey 

If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell? 

00:03:28 Lindsey 

Be, but in fact God has placed the parts in the body. 

00:03:32 Lindsey 

Every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. 

00:03:36 Lindsey 

If they were all one part, where would the body be? 

00:03:41 Lindsey 

As it is, there are many parts. 

00:03:43 Lindsey 

The one body. 

00:03:45 Lindsey 

The I cannot say to the hand I don’t need you. 

00:03:48 Lindsey 

And the head cannot say to the feet. 

00:03:51 Lindsey 

I don’t need you. 

00:03:53 Lindsey 

On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker. 

00:03:57 Lindsey 

Are indispensable, and the parts that we think are less honorable. 

00:04:00 Lindsey 

We treat with special honor and the parts that are unpresentable are treated with special modesty, while our presentable parts need no special treatment. 

00:04:10 Lindsey 

But God has put the body together, giving greater honor to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its part should have equal concern for each other. 

00:04:21 Lindsey 

If one part suffers, every part suffers with it. 

00:04:26 Lindsey 

If one part is honored. 

00:04:28 Lindsey 

Every part rejoices with it. 

00:04:31 Lindsey 

The word of the Lord. 

00:04:34 Lindsey 

So do you know what I got from this text? 

00:04:35 Lindsey 

For most of my life and now this is. 

00:04:37 Lindsey 

Going to seem so silly. 

00:04:40 Lindsey 

But I am made for serving the body of Christ. 

00:04:45 Lindsey 

And I am one of the most important special parts of the body of Christ. 

00:04:54 Lindsey 

So you can laugh at that because that’s an absurd statement that I think that I am the most special part of the body and I exist just to serve other people. 

00:05:04 Lindsey 

That’s why we’re part of the body of Christ, right? 

00:05:08 Lindsey 

And there’s a lot of good that can be had from the mindset of being a servant. 

00:05:14 Lindsey 

However, I interpreted this text like I’m the heart of the body of Christ, or I am the most special, most unique part of the body of Christ and without me. 

00:05:29 Lindsey 

This body doesn’t function. 

00:05:32 Lindsey 

Hey everyone, look at how good I am at pumping out blood to the rest of the body. 

00:05:37 Lindsey 

Look at how necessary and vital I am. 

00:05:39 Lindsey 

Look at how much power and strength I can wield in the body of Christ. 

00:05:43 Lindsey 

Through my service. 

00:05:45 Lindsey 

My job is to pump out blood and serve the rest of the body and bless all the other parts of the body by excelling at what I was made to do. 

00:05:54 Lindsey 

So in fact I’ve lived most of my life as if the heart were the only part of the body and that I don’t need the rest of the parts of the body to function. 

00:06:04 Lindsey 

And that if I needed other people, that would mean that there was something wrong with me. 

00:06:11 Lindsey 

Now, I’m not going to make you stand up, but I’d love to nail in my message with a song. 

00:06:15 Lindsey 

And just to make sure that everyone is paying attention, so as you’re sitting there, can you please sing with me? 

00:06:20 Lindsey 

The children song head and shoulders, knees and toes. 

00:06:24 Lindsey 

OK, so head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes head. 

00:06:31 Speaker 2 

And shoulders, knees and toes. 

00:06:33 Speaker 2 

Knees and toes. 

00:06:34 Speaker 2 

Eyes, ears, nose and nose, and. 

00:06:38 Speaker 2 

Mouth they go. 

00:06:39 Speaker 2 

Head and shoulders, knees and toes and knees and. 

00:06:42 Lindsey 

Because now it won’t make you do that again, but it’s just a good reminder. 

00:06:45 Lindsey 

We’re all connected all of the parts of the body are connected, and we all need each other most of my life I have been extremely confident and a very competent individual, and we’ve got to reprise back there. 

00:06:58 Lindsey 

Feel free just to come up here and join me next time. 

00:07:00 Lindsey 

Henry is that Ray? 

00:07:04 Lindsey 

Ohh, they’re singing in the back way to go. 

00:07:09 Lindsey 

I have been very successful and very self-sufficient. My family tells me about how I would be in charge of making Taco meat for the family when I was just a little bit older than Thea was. 

00:07:23 Lindsey 

And I would remember standing on a chair at the stove, putting in cumin and chili and garlic powder and mixing it up and feeling. 

00:07:31 Lindsey 

Like yes, this is like the main part of the dish. 

00:07:35 Lindsey 

I am a very important part of this family. 

00:07:37 Lindsey 

I can do this by myself. 

00:07:39 Lindsey 

My toddler also has that mindset. 

00:07:41 Lindsey 

I can do it by myself, and I love that, but I figured out how to get love and attention at school by performing in school musicals and getting choirs. 

00:07:51 Lindsey 

Solos and getting straight A’s. I got the attention and love that I wanted by performing and being successful. 

00:07:58 Lindsey 

And when I was in my young 20s, I decided to travel to a foreign country on my own. After graduating from college because I was fearless and I could do anything by myself and I wanted to serve and bless the people of Tanzania and share Christ’s love and light with them. I was raised in a culture that valued. 

00:08:19 Lindsey 

Giving and serving and being so self-sufficient that you don’t need help from other people. I was raised in a culture that looked at these verses on the whole and said if you want to be the heart of the body, you can be the heart of the body. You can do anything that you set your mind to. 

00:08:39 Lindsey 

I figured out how to get the things I needed, seemingly on my own, which by the way, is a lie. 

00:08:44 Lindsey 

We all need each other and the worst part of all of this is that being a self-sufficient achiever worked for me for a very long time. 

00:08:56 Lindsey 

I learned how to cook and take care of my family and I took so much pride in doing that. 

00:09:01 Lindsey 

I loved the smug feeling I had when I didn’t have to ask my parents for college money because I had earned scholar. 

00:09:09 Lindsey 

I landed the jobs that I wanted. 

00:09:11 Lindsey 

And I was confident at school and then later in the workplace or when I traveled abroad to Tanzania AT22 with minimal language training. 

00:09:21 Lindsey 

Tanzania is not an easy country to get around in, just in general. I don’t recommend sending your 22 year olds there. 

00:09:28 Lindsey 

I not only bought into the lie of the American dream, but I also bought into the lie of the prosperity gospel. 

00:09:35 Lindsey 

The American Dream says that if you work hard enough on your own, you can do or be anything that you want to be. 

00:09:43 Lindsey 

And the American prosperity gospel claims that if you as an individual follow God’s rules, you will be blessed with financial wealth and physical well-being all the days of your life. 

00:09:55 Lindsey 

I saw hard work as a recipe for success and I equated success with God’s love and favor and the favor and love of others. I functioned in the world like I didn’t need others, but that others certainly needed me. 

00:10:11 Lindsey 

I know I functioned in the world like I didn’t need God, but that God needed me. 

00:10:19 Lindsey 

It dumbfounded me one day when someone told me that I needed to confess my sins every day. 

00:10:25 Lindsey 

What sins I thought I don’t sin every day, like maybe on Friday Friday we had that thing Jason where I yelled at you but on Saturday no. 

00:10:34 Lindsey 

I was really good yesterday I I’m fine I don’t need to ask God for forgiveness. 

00:10:41 Lindsey 

So I’m serious that was. 

00:10:42 Lindsey 

My worldview and. 

00:10:43 Lindsey 

Still is sometimes I’m not perfect at any of this. 

00:10:46 Lindsey 

I’m preaching as a very humble person. 

00:10:48 Lindsey 

This is not something I am good at. 

00:10:51 Lindsey 

I was raised. 

00:10:52 Lindsey 

In the church and I knew that I needed love from a gracious God, but surely I didn’t make mistakes every day. 

00:10:57 Lindsey 

That would be outrageous. 

00:10:59 Lindsey 

What kind of God wants to befriend and love someone who is that imperfect? 

00:11:07 Lindsey 

I committed my life to loving and serving God at a young age, largely because I thought it was the right thing to do. 

00:11:14 Lindsey 

Maybe some of you can resonate with that. 

00:11:17 Lindsey 

It also earned me a saddest place of love and acceptance in my family. 

00:11:23 Lindsey 

I grew up in a place where being a Christian was the norm. 

00:11:27 Lindsey 

And there’s a lot of good in that. 

00:11:29 Lindsey 

But you also need to sit with that for a little bit and be reminded of what that does to your body and your mind and your heart. 

00:11:37 Lindsey 

When I examine this thinking, in hindsight, I can recognize that this sort of self dependence and perfectionism was just a form of making an idol out of my own abilities. 

00:11:49 Lindsey 

Making false idols is sinful, just as a reminder. 

00:11:53 Lindsey 

Not needing God and not needing others. 

00:11:56 Lindsey 

This is sin my friends. 

00:11:58 Lindsey 

It’s sin because it misses the mark of what is true about our humanity and about God’s reality. 

00:12:06 Lindsey 

The things that used to work for me being a self-sufficient achiever, being a servant who serves others but needs nothing for herself. 

00:12:15 Lindsey 

Those things aren’t working for me anymore. 

00:12:18 Lindsey 

My life and my perspective shifted when Theo was born and I became a. 

00:12:22 Lindsey 

Mother becoming a parent is life altering in any scenario, but our daughter was born on March 17th, 2020 which was the day that the global pandemic locked down our city in Milwaukee where we were living at the time and for the first three months of theae 

00:12:38 Lindsey 

Life not a single person held her except for Jason or myself. 

00:12:43 Lindsey 

We had no one enter our home except for the two of us. 

00:12:47 Lindsey 

We were fully responsible for feeding her, changing her, loving her. 

00:12:54 Lindsey 

Being up in the middle. 

00:12:54 Lindsey 

Of the night with her. 

00:12:57 Lindsey 

We saw no one inside of our four walls. 

00:13:00 Lindsey 

And the world outside of our four walls was on fire contagious. Everyone was terrified of COVID-19 because we really just didn’t know what was going on. 

00:13:12 Lindsey 

And Jason and I were exhausted new parents who were absolutely shocked at the changes in our own 4 walls and then the changes in the world at large. 

00:13:22 Lindsey 

I quickly realized that if I tried to be everything for my daughter, I would burnout. 

00:13:26 Lindsey 

Way too fast. 

00:13:29 Lindsey 

I’m going to even rephrase that. 

00:13:30 Lindsey 

I still tried to be everything for my daughter. 

00:13:34 Lindsey 

And I burned out way too fast. 

00:13:38 Lindsey 

The I cannot say to the hand I don’t need you. 

00:13:41 Lindsey 

And the head cannot say to the feet I don’t need. 

00:13:43 Lindsey 

You, On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, and the parts that we think are less honorable. 

00:13:52 Lindsey 

We treat with special honor. 

00:13:54 Lindsey 

And the parts that are unpresentable are treated with special modesty, while our presentable parts need no special treat. 

00:14:01 Lindsey 

But God has put the body together, giving greater honor to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its part should have equal concern for each other. 

00:14:14 Lindsey 

If one part suffers, every part suffers with it. 

00:14:19 Lindsey 

If one part is honored, every part rejoices with it. 

00:14:24 Speaker 2 

In those early. 

00:14:26 Lindsey 

Days of mothering and raise your hand. 

00:14:28 Lindsey 

Anyone who has struggled with any of these. 

00:14:30 Lindsey 

Things I was sleep deprived. 

00:14:34 Lindsey 

I was struggling with postpartum depression and rage. 

00:14:39 Lindsey 

And the learning curve for new parents is very very very steep. 

00:14:43 Lindsey 

I needed to ask for help and I needed other people to function. 

00:14:47 Lindsey 

I needed lactation consultants, mental health specialists and friends to walk with me and be outside of the house with me. 

00:14:55 Lindsey 

We needed our family members to visit and celebrate new life with us and eventually they did. 

00:15:00 Lindsey 

We needed meals delivered to us because when on earth do you have time to cook with a new baby and you? 

00:15:06 Lindsey 

Guys all know this back there. 

00:15:09 Lindsey 

Listen up everybody. 

00:15:10 Lindsey 

The body of Christ needs each other. 

00:15:13 Lindsey 

And for many of us, asking for help is a healthy spiritual discipline that we don’t practice enough. 

00:15:19 Lindsey 

Now, I’ve been saying spiritual discipline, but a spiritual discipline is just something that brings us closer to God. 

00:15:26 Lindsey 

Like Lamentation is a spiritual discipline. 

00:15:29 Lindsey 

Confession is is discipline celebration. 

00:15:33 Lindsey 

Someone I heard someone say that wearing your favorite jeans can be a spiritual discipline. 

00:15:38 Lindsey 

Anything that brings you closer to God. 

00:15:39 Lindsey 

So I submit to you also to atmosphere that asking for help is a spiritual discipline because it brings us closer to God and to one. 

00:15:47 Lindsey 

Rather, our culture is so individualistic, we think that asking for help shows weakness. 

00:15:56 Lindsey 

But guess what? 

00:15:57 Lindsey 

God bless is a weakness. 

00:15:59 Lindsey 

We think that we are inconveniencing our neighbors when we ask for something and guess what our God came to Earth in the form of a helpless. 

00:16:10 Lindsey 

This might sound unholy to you, but Jesus as a little baby needed. 

00:16:14 Lindsey 

His bottom wiped. 

00:16:16 Lindsey 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever changed a diaper before Jesus was a baby. 

00:16:22 Lindsey 

Jesus was human. 

00:16:24 Lindsey 

He was completely dependent on others to survive for his first years of existence. 

00:16:30 Lindsey 

This is a holy God. 

00:16:33 Lindsey 

In the Gospels we see Jesus enter friends and strangers homes for meals and ask for water while on a journey. 

00:16:41 Lindsey 

Before the divine and human person of Christ went to the cross, he asked his disciples to be with him, so that he would not have to be alone in his hours before going to the cross. 

00:16:53 Lindsey 

This is a reversal of. 

00:16:55 Lindsey 

The power dynamic that I think I understand. 

00:16:58 Lindsey 

God and humility showed up with great needs in the human story. 

00:17:04 Lindsey 

And when we show up with great needs to others, we reflect the realities of the human condition given to us by God. 

00:17:10 Lindsey 

Asking for help is a healthy spiritual discipline because it accurately reminds us that we are human and we are lowly. Yet we are made in God’s image and we are worthy of being taken care of. 

00:17:25 Lindsey 

We are made in God’s image and we are worthy of being taken care of. 

00:17:31 Lindsey 

If God in his holy Divinity shows up to the body of Christ as a child and a grown man with needs, then we too can be blessed by showing up as children and grown-ups with needs to those around us. 

00:17:46 Lindsey 

The I cannot say to the hand I don’t need you and the head cannot say to the feet I don’t need you. 

00:17:53 Lindsey 

Praise God my friends, we need each other. 

00:17:56 Lindsey 

Praise God even if I was the heart of the body, I would need the coronary arteries to do their work to for me to function I need the blood to carry oxygen. 

00:18:07 Lindsey 

I need skin to hold it all in and I’m not a biologist, but I could bet you that there are hundreds of thousands of systems in place that the heart needs to work with in order for my body. 

00:18:18 Lindsey 

I’ll be standing here. 

00:18:20 Lindsey 

To be sharing this message with you. 

00:18:23 Lindsey 

Listen up the body of Christ needs each other. 

00:18:27 Lindsey 

Asking for help is a healthy spiritual discipline. 

00:18:30 Lindsey 

This brings us closer to one another and makes us more Christ like. 

00:18:35 Lindsey 

Now, I’m not saying that you should stop serving at at place of peace or babysitting your friends who just had a new baby or babysitting for them. 

00:18:44 Lindsey 

Not not that you would babysit your friends, you could. 

00:18:47 Lindsey 

Maybe that would be helpful and nice. 

00:18:52 Lindsey 

We all know Clancy but I am challenging you this week to try something new in asking for help. 

00:18:59 Lindsey 

So I have some application options for you this week and we can put it up on the screen behind us. 

00:19:06 Lindsey 

Maybe we oh, we don’t have them. 

00:19:08 Lindsey 

They’re in the bulletin. 

00:19:09 Lindsey 

OK, so application options. 

00:19:12 Lindsey 

Option one is to spend some time in prayer this week asking God to reveal what you need. 

00:19:18 Lindsey 

Perhaps you don’t know what you need. 

00:19:20 Lindsey 

Most of us have been raised to be independent problem solvers. 

00:19:23 Lindsey 

Because that’s what Americans value. 

00:19:26 Lindsey 

I encourage you this week to spend time in prayer and consider areas where you are being too independent to the detriment of yourself and the body of Christ. 

00:19:37 Lindsey 

The exercise of admitting your neediness in God’s presence is life changing and holy. 

00:19:42 Lindsey 

Option two if need is difficult for you to admit, consider asking God how he receives you in your neediness. 

00:19:52 Lindsey 

What does God think of you when you are in need? 

00:19:55 Lindsey 

Broken, weak, depressed, lonely, ashamed, anxious? 

00:20:00 Lindsey 

Irrational or fill in the blank with whatever you are struggling to admit as needed. 

00:20:05 Lindsey 

It might be helpful for you to write down the ways in which you are blessed when someone asks you for help. 

00:20:12 Lindsey 

Option three is to ask someone outside of your home for help with something this week. 

00:20:20 Lindsey 

We’ve been new to this place and I feel like tapestry is amazing at jumping in whenever we need something we always have had. 

00:20:27 Lindsey 

We’ve had neighbors that have called us to make sure that we are OK when the electricity goes out or friends who have come over and stood on our house to help get a tree limb outside off of the top of our out of our house that has fallen down. 

00:20:40 Lindsey 

But we had to ask for some of those things. 

00:20:43 Lindsey 

So some ideas is maybe it’s admitting that you’re lonely and asking a friend to talk with you on a walk this. 

00:20:49 Lindsey 

Week, maybe this week you ask a friend to watch your kids so you can do something. 

00:20:53 Lindsey 

For yourself. 

00:20:55 Lindsey 

Maybe it’s asking a neighbor for a literal cup of sugar. 

00:20:58 Lindsey 

Do you know your neighbors names? 

00:21:01 Lindsey 

You should. 

00:21:02 Lindsey 

This is not shame up here, it’s just just do it. 

00:21:06 Lindsey 

Maybe it’s asking a friend if they can show you how to knit a special pattern or tie a knot or share their hobby with you. 

00:21:13 Lindsey 

Maybe it’s asking your guests to help you wash dishes before they leave. 

00:21:17 Lindsey 

So I’m going to give you a minute in your tables or a minute at home. 

00:21:20 Lindsey 

For those of you watching online and decide. 

00:21:25 Lindsey 

To yourselves decide what you would like to focus on this week option one, two, or three. 

00:21:31 Lindsey 

And when you have decided I would like for you to give me. 

00:21:35 Lindsey 

A thumbs up. 

00:21:51 Lindsey 

We’ve got some thumbs. 

00:21:54 Speaker 2 

We’ve got some more thumbs. 

00:22:05 Lindsey 

OK, I think we’ve got most everyone. 

00:22:07 Lindsey 

Next, I want you to share with someone at your table which option you chose. 

00:22:12 Lindsey 

And I want you to ask them or to say to them I’m going to practice option fill in the blank this week and I need some help to remember to do this. 

00:22:22 Lindsey 

Will you check in on me this week to make sure that I follow through with what I said I would do this week? 

00:22:31 Lindsey 

So turn to one another, discuss your options. 

00:22:34 Lindsey 

And ask for help. 

00:23:19 Lindsey 

All right, that’s wonderful. 

00:23:21 Lindsey 

Everybody as you wrap up your conversations I want. 

00:23:23 Lindsey 

To just. 

00:23:24 Lindsey 

Remind you that I am a hands on practical teacher, so I will probably always make you do things if I’m up here talking, but look at us. 

00:23:33 Lindsey 

We’re asking for help from one another. 

00:23:35 Lindsey 

We are becoming more Christlike as a community together. 

00:23:39 Lindsey 

In this season of motherhood, in a new town and in a pandemic and post pandemic life, I’m looking for new ways of living where I actually have the courage to ask God and other people for help. 

00:23:50 Lindsey 

In closing, today I want to share with you my favorite version of the Lord’s Prayer. It’s written from the First Nations Bible. 

00:24:02 Lindsey 

And it’s so very practical. 

00:24:04 Lindsey 

The reason that I read this every morning is because it lays out our needs very physically, and sometimes I also ask God, what do I need emotionally today? 

00:24:15 Lindsey 

What do I need mentally today? 

00:24:16 Lindsey 

What do I need spiritually today? 

00:24:18 Lindsey 

God doesn’t promise that he’s going to give us. 

00:24:21 Lindsey 

Enough for the week. 

00:24:22 Lindsey 

He promises to give us enough for each day and sometimes it’s each moment. 

00:24:27 Lindsey 

And that’s OK. 

00:24:28 Lindsey 

There’s no shame in. 

00:24:30 Lindsey 

So if this is something that you want to take with you this week, I encourage you to take home your bulletin. 

00:24:36 Lindsey 

They’ve written out the First Nations version of this. 

00:24:40 Lindsey 

And it’s in Matthew 69 through 13. 

00:24:45 Lindsey 

Oh great spirit, our father from above. 

00:24:48 Lindsey 

We honor your name as sacred and holy. 

00:24:51 Lindsey 

Bring your good road to us where the beauty of your way is in the spirit world above are reflected in the earth below. 

00:24:59 Lindsey 

Provide for us day by day, the elk, the Buffalo and the salmon, the corn, the squash and the wild rice. 

00:25:07 Lindsey 

All the things we need for each day. 

00:25:10 Lindsey 

Or release us from the things we have done. 

00:25:12 Lindsey 

Wrong in the same way we release others for the things done wrong to us. 

00:25:17 Lindsey 

Guide us away from the things that tempt us to stray from your good road and set us free from the evil one in his worthless ways a hoe, may it be so. 

00:25:29 Lindsey 

Tapestry, may you be blessed today to not only be a servien member of the body of Christ, but also a receiving member of the body of Christ. 

00:25:39 Lindsey 

May you give others the opportunity to bless you. 

00:25:43 Lindsey 

May you ask for? 

00:25:44 Lindsey 

Help in the small things and the big things alike. 

00:25:48 Lindsey 

May you become more Christlike by asking for what you need. 

00:25:53 Lindsey 

Amen and our closing doxology. 

00:25:57 Lindsey 

Yeah, you guys all know it’s just praise God. 

00:25:59 Speaker 2 

From whom all blessings? 

00:25:59 Lindsey 

Though you got it, yes. 

00:26:03 Lindsey 

Yes, does anyone have anything to add or a question? 

00:26:12 Speaker 3 

I love the fact that you you call our needs a spiritual discipline. 

00:26:18 Speaker 3 

Because we have the God who makes the first, last and the last first and often we definitely fall into this mindset that I’m supposed to provide and somehow another not providing. 

00:26:33 Speaker 3 

It’s recognition where we don’t ask for help. Maybe that is simple. That’s self-sufficient. For those of you who like you, may have seen this. The sticker that says be prepared to self rescue. 

00:26:45 Speaker 3 

And we we live lives like that quite often. 

00:26:54 Lindsey 

Anyone else? 

00:26:57 Lindsey 

OK, praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

00:27:05 Lindsey 

Praise him. 

00:27:07 Lindsey 

All creatures here below praise him above ye. 

00:27:19 Lindsey 

Post praise, Father, son and Holy Ghost. 

00:27:34 Lindsey 

Be blessed tapestry. 

00:27:38 Speaker 3