Jesus Wants More For His Birthday?

Jesus Wants More For His Birthday?

The birth of the babe on that Christmas morn was world changing! So what happened? How did a day that was supposed to remember the birth of the One who shows us God’s love for the world get turned into a time of traffic jams, stress, debt, and fights over parking spots?

What if Christmas could be world changing again?

It can!

Tapestry is a part of the Advent Conspiracy movement. The above video explains what Advent Conspiracy is about. Here’s what it means for us.

We are going to …

Worship Fully

It all starts with Jesus. Christmas is the party for the King of Peace and we plan to focus on Him for this celebration. He is worth the best party of the year and that’s what we plan on giving Him.

Spend Less

We like gifts. Actually we love gifts. So this is not us saying “Don’t buy gifts.” We’re not Scrooges. Instead we are avoiding gifts of obligation and meaningless trinkets. Some of us are trying to spend 20% less on our gifts this year. Some are buying one less gift this year. Whatever you do spend less and you’ll be able to worship more fully.

Give More

I know this sounds the opposite of “Spend Less” but it is not. That’s how messed up our culture’s celebrations of Christmas have become – our first instinct is to buy something. Instead we are recommending gifts of “presence” – give something of yourself and give more of it than you ever have before. Make gifts! Give coupons! Give of yourself! That is worshipping fully.

Love All

Jesus was and is a lover. He loved in ways that cost Him greatly and no one understood. So Tapestry is trying to love as much as possible as we celebrate Christmas. Last year we used part of the money we saved to buy a water well for a village in Africa. This year we are going to use part of the money we save to build houses in Nicaragua in January. We are also going to use some of the money we save to love those around us. Since Jesus is love we believe we should celebrate His birth by loving greatly. When we love all we will worship Him the way He wants.

Here’s a picture of what the house will look like.

You can join us in celebrating Christmas in a manner that Jesus would be proud of. We think you will love it and your Christmas will be better for it.


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