Living Water

Living Water

August 11-18, 2008 some of the Tapestry family went down to Diriamba, Nicaragua to start a relationship with the people who live in the Kilumbo region of the town. The wonderful people of Kilumbo are the poorest and weakest residents of Diriamba. They support themselves by scavenging through the city dump in hopes of finding something to sell or something to support their family with. They work hard but can’t seem to get ahead.

Tapestry went to the Kilumbo area to feed the kids of that area every day and play with them every afternoon. While this was going on Pam Terrell started talking with some of the moms and asked them what their dream was for their kids. Immediately 5 mothers said “Agua.”

It turned out that the people of Kilumbo had no clean running water. They had to take their old_well_smallwater from two stagnant pools close to the community. This is a photo of one of the pools. Our new friends in Kilumbo said that they were always throwing up and dehydrating from drinking this water.

When we hear this we immediately thought of Jesus talking with the Samaritan woman at the well. She went to the well during midday because she had been rejected and forsaken by those around her. How could we talk with our friends in Kilumbo about Jesus meeting needs when they didn’t have clean water? We decided Jesus wanted us to take care of this.

After talking with our friends in Kilumbo and city officials we were able to determine how the people within Kilumbo could get water. We then started reaching into our pockets to get the funds necessary to make it happen. Everyone dug into make it happen.

The photo above is the receipt for getting Kilumbo hooked up with fresh, clean running water. We at Tapestry believe that life with Jesus is like having a refreshing well in your life.  Therefore, we were convinced that Jesus wanted those He created in Kilumbo to have healthy water.


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